woman with allergies

5 Ways to Keep Pollen out of Your Home This Spring

If pollen has you sneezing, coughing and sniffling this spring, you’re in good company. When it comes to high pollen counts, Dallas ranks 45 in this year’s top 100 list of allergy capitals. Don’t let the most common cause of outdoor allergies make your life indoors unbearable. Here are five easy ways to keep the biological allergen out of your Wylie, Texas home.

Leave Allergens at the Door

Pollen is a sticky substance that clings to shoes, bags and clothing. After spending time outside, park your belongings at the door. Change and wash your clothes in hot water after participating in outdoor activities.

Shower in the Evening

When you suffer from allergies, the last you want is to take pollen to bed with you. Shampoo it out of your hair with an evening shower. Be sure to wash bedding regularly too, and dry them in a clothes dryer, not outside.

Keep It Clean

It’s the pollen you can’t see that poses the greatest danger to your health. The airborne allergen settles on every surface in your home. Keep it at bay with a good housekeeping routine that includes using a vacuum with HEPA filtration.

Use Your Air Conditioning System

During days with high pollen counts, keep your windows closed and use your air conditioner to stay cool and comfortable. Check the system’s air filter often and change it whenever it looks dirty.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Air cleaners and purifiers help you maintain a healthy indoor environment in every season. Products designed to work with your HVAC system are particularly effective, and they won’t send your energy bills sky-high.

At Allstars Electric Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re proud to offer air quality products that let you breathe easier all year long. To learn more about our indoor air quality solutions, call us today at 972-248-3322.