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What Are the Energy-Efficient Lighting Options for My Home?

Now that there are so many energy-efficient lighting options in Wylie, Texas, it can be hard to know which one is best for specific uses in your home. Here are some choices to consider:

LED Lighting

LED lighting is one of the most popular "green" alternatives for lighting. Unlike standard incandescent bulbs, there are no filaments in LEDs to burn out. These lights also don’t waste energy on putting out unnecessary heat. On top of that, LED lights cost up to 90 percent less to operate and last for thousands of hours longer.

Compact Fluorescent Lighting

This lighting option is cheap, readily available, and it uses two-thirds less energy than incandescent bulbs while lasting 10 times longer. Although this option illuminates more like an incandescent bulb, the lighting is less intense. You can save energy and reduce the need for frequent bulb replacement as well.

Halogen Lighting

Halogen bulbs are incandescent lights that are infused with halogen gas. They have been a popular alternative to standard bulbs for many years. They use 10 percent less energy while giving the consumer a bright white, clean light. Although halogen bulbs burn hotter, they last longer than standard bulbs.

Location Affects Lighting Efficiency

LED lights are great for recessed fixtures in the kitchen, outdoor area lights, under-cabinet kitchen lighting, and desk lamps. CFL bulbs are perfect for when you want something that feels dimmer and diffuses the light in the room, perhaps in the family room or a bedroom. Halogen lights are bright and white, and they often give great lighting in the bathroom.

Personal preference is going to play a big part in what you choose as well. To determine which lighting options work best for you, consider energy usage and how often you have to change bulbs.

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