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An air conditioning and heating system in a home is only as useful and effective as the thermostat that controls it. It’s very easy to take a thermostat for granted, a small unit placed onto the wall of a house, but the right thermostat with proper repairs can make the difference between an inefficient heater or AC that runs down early while running up massive bills, and one that has a long life while delivering cost-saving comfort.

Allstars Electric Heating & Air Conditioning offers service for thermostats, which include installing new up–to–date units with a wide range of features and delivering repairs for malfunctioning units. Dallas, and the surrounding areas, rely on our thermostat specialists for making sure you have the best control over how you heat and cool your home around the year.

For quality thermostat services, such as installation and repairs, in Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas, put your trust in Allstars Electric Heating & Air Conditioning.

We Provide Thermostat Installation

What type of thermostat do you have in your house? If you still have an older manual model that uses sliders and dials to set the temperature, it’s time to consider upgrading to a digital model. Digital thermostats have a number of important advantages over the manual models: they are simple to read and to adjust, and they can manage precision temperatures settings impossible for a manual thermostat. (The average manual model is about 2° degrees off.)

You have more options for high–tech installations than ever before when it comes to thermostats.

Here are two other excellent choices that go beyond what a standard digital model can offer:

  • Programmable thermostats:Using a programmable thermostat gives you the power to control the temperatures in your home even when you aren’t there. Thanks to programming, you can have the thermostat turn on the air conditioning a half hour before you come home during a summer day, and not having to worry about keeping the AC running for hours and wasting money. There are different types of programmable thermostats, ranging from units that have a morning and night setting each, to units that contain 7–day programming options.
  • Smart thermostats:This is the new edge of thermostat technology for homeowners who want not only full control over their home’s comfort settings from any location, but also details about how the thermostat can save energy. Smart thermostats can be programmed with an internet or cellular connection, so they can be accessed using a desktop computer, a laptop computer, tablet, or smart phone. The “smart” part of their name means that these thermostats learn from homeowners’ settings and create their own programming that maximizes savings.

Call Us for Thermostat Installation and Service

If you feel a bit intimidated by all of the options available for a new thermostat, you don’t have to be. This is where our knowledge comes in. our heating and cooling experts have extensive experience with every part of an HVAC system, including the thermostat. If you want a thermostat upgrade or a new installation with your next HVAC installation, give us a call and we will find the ideal unit for your needs and budget.

If you should experience a malfunctioning thermostat, Allstars Electric Heating & Air Conditioning is also glad to help you. We offer fast repair work for any trouble you may encounter in DFW with keeping your home comfortable.

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